Borderlands Developer Wants The Wii U To Be As Powerful As Possible

Randy Pitchford, one of five founders of video game developer Gearbox Software, has told Nintendo Gamer magazine that the development studio wishes that Nintendo will make the Wii U as powerful as possible. Pitchford realizes that Nintendo needs to make the console as cost-effective as possible and would like Nintendo to manufacture a system that’s stronger than both the XBox 360 and PS3.

“Our hope at Gearbox is that the final specification for the hardware is much more powerful than the current competitive consoles so that studios like ours can bring a better standard of high definition image not only to television, but to the controller’s screen at the same time.”

“We’ve been intrigued by what we’ve seen so far and are encouraging Nintendo to go as aggressively as they can afford with the performance specifications. We imagine that performance specifications are within affordable reach that would provide undeniable performance advantages over competitive platforms. Nintendo have a lot more experience than we do in managing the balance between performance and cost with their hardware, of course, so I do not want to be presumptuous.”


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